When should I resole my shoes? Below are two excellent articles dealing with this topic:

What rubber do you use? I currently stock Vibram XS Grip2 for the softest of shoes, Evolv Trax for the slightly stiffer shoes and Vibram XS Edge for edging shoes. In general, the softer the compound the better it performs on smears and overhanging climbs, whereas harder compounds are more durable and perform better on small edges and face climbing.

How long will a resole take? It depends on the number of shoes ahead in the queue when I receive your pair. In addition, if your shoes require a re-rand it will double their length of stay in my workshop. In general, I try my best to stick to a maximum turn-around time of 2 weeks, excluding time for postage and courier services.

Can you fix my approach/hiking shoes? Unfortunately, I am only set up to work on climbing shoes so will not accept other kinds of shoes.

Do you offer a discount on bulk? Unfortunately, not. Many shoes arriving at once creates a bottle-neck in the resoling process, which means extra hours in the workshop in order to adhere to the 2 week turn-around time. As such, it makes no sense to promote bulk.

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